Using iPad Pro (2022) with DJ AI Pro and Traktor Audio 2 sound card.

Is it possible to use my 2022 iPad Pro with DJ AI Pro using a Traktor Audio2 sound card?

I do not see a way to specifically assign channels 1/2 to the main output and 3/4 to the headphones. The software seems to look to see what is connected and then provides options - none of which seem to allow me to play through the Traktor Audio 2. Can anyone help?

Can you post a screenshot?

The NI website seems a bit inconsistent (e.g. class compliant interfaces should work on iPhone as well as iPad)…

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It’s not worth the headache to try to get it working. Look at more modern devices that are fully supported and up to date.

Unfortunately, Native Instruments fubared the Traktor Audio 2 hardware pretty good and never went back to support it or much of anything else after the company got driven into a ditch (pre and post COVID). Don’t get me wrong, I want NI/Traktor to succeed, I actually have a current subscription, but their actions are pretty stark / Game of Thrones and don’t hold much promise for the future.

My Audio 2 worked fine when I first bought it, but iOS eventually moved forward and stopped supporting whatever class compliance it had. It first stopped working on the iPhone (even though it was working fine before), then iPad OS became glitchy and stopped working - eventually it was only reliable on macOS or other laptops.

One other thing negative, its under-powered for the larger battery draw of the 12" iPad Pros.

I chucked mine in the garbage and I was glad to move on to better supported hardware.

That’s a shame, but thanks for your input!

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Hi all,

I’d like to welcome @ScottCoe to the djay Community!

Additionally, I would like to thank @Michael_Wisniewski for their very helpful and informative answer!

Hopefully, this can resolve the op’s initial inquiry and point them in the right direction!

Thanks for the should out. So is there a sound card (class compliant) that I can use with Djay AI Pro. My only need is to be able to play stereo to the main speakers and be able to cue music to my headphones. My iPad Pro 2022 only has a USBc port with no headphone jack. I have a splitter Cable but really need the stereo capability. I know of all the controllers out there that car IOS compatible with DJAY but don’t need all of that functionality.

Is there anything?


Check this thread there’s a decent list there. FYI - you need a 4-channel sound card (2x stereo channels for the main out and 2x stereo channels for the headphone cue).


I have a Mac that I would like to use with Djay. I I do not need an external controller for what I do. Would I need an external sound card to be able to play off of my Mac? I assume I can use the headphone port for queuing. Just used to playing off of my iPad.


You can use the Mac’s headphone out for pre-cueing audio with an external sound card for the main audio.

But, if you want a simpler setup, (without an external sound card), use a y-cable to split the headphone output. djay Pro can send the main audio toone side and the pre-cue audio to the other.

Native Instruments (Traktor DJ Cable)

HOSA Stereo Breakout cables with different connectors (3.5mm, RCA, 1/4")

djay Pro Settings in macOS
Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 10.47.07 AM

Here’s a video that explains in more detail.

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I have splitter cables. Was looking for a way to play in Stereo.


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