Using iTunes Match with iPad

A completely different question that has nothing to do with Djay Pro:
Is there any way to sync songs stored locally on the iPad with iTunes Match and add them to the music library? That’s basically the only reason I still have a MacBook.

I use iPad Pro for all my sessions. I have many songs from iTunes but the only way to get the local file is by using a pc. I wish you could download songs and just have the file. But its okay if you don’t because you can still add song in to your djay Libary

First of all, thank you for the answer! But by music library I did not mean the local library of DJay Pro, but the tracks stored at Apple in the cloud. So I’m looking for a way to upload songs from iPad to Apple.

Former iTunes Match user here: there is not. Macs are the source of truth for iTunes Match. The only exception is stuff bought from iTunes Store. If you buy from an iPad, it will show on all your iTunes Match devices.

I feared this, also look for a solution for several years, but as we all know, hope dies last… Anyway, thank you!