Using MIC in Djay Pro WIndows (10)

Hi there!

Can’t find any MIC button / window / menú in Djay Pro Windows 10.

Nor can I find a related paragraph in the usuer manual (for Windows) unlike the Mac’s one where the item is documented.

I have checked mi laptop microphone is working properly.

Am I missing something?

THank you

• Which device do you have? Laptop ACER Aspire E1 522
• Which OS version is running on your device?Windows Windows 10 Home version 1709
• Which djay version are you using? v 1.0.26524.0
• [adiotionnally] Midi Controller: CMD MM-1 Boehringer

Hi there,

I am very sorry to tell you but at the moment the input of a mic via your laptop is not supported.

We are aware of the demand of this and will let you know when there are news.

Liked. This was a year ago and still no update. What is going on? I have someone working for me who purchased your software and now cannot use the microphone. Ridiculous

Lukas it’s been a year now. I bought this program for an employee as my Mac version has microphone. Now I have to bed a totally new program. Get ur act together