Using multiple iTunes libraries

The feature I so yearn for - the ability to transparently use more than one iTunes library. Select the second (third?) (fourth?) library, and that library’s contents are added to djay’s list without physically merging the contents of the two (three, etc.) libraries. Eject the second library, and djay recognizes that it is gone, removing those listings.
Why? I walk into a radio station, club, etc. that has a full djay set up including a wonderful library of tunes I would love to use, but I also have a hard drive full of my own music I would like to supplement. I know I can drag and drop a file to the turntable, as I do with a FLAC, but that is… cumbersome. I’d much rather use the riddim method.
Being able to do this over a LAN would be even better. Allowing multiple djays on multiple Macs to access the same library on a central server or NAS? Nirvana! (Or Jaluka, Coltrane (Robbie or John), ACDC, you get the idea.)

Thanks for reviving this post. We’ll look into it.

So, howsa bout it, algo types?
It’s been a year since my original make a wish. Are we any closer to taking this particular feature out for a spin? I know of at least one radio station (WUSB, Stony Brook, 90.1 FM, Radio Free Long Island) that would love you to add this to your bag of tricks.