Using my saved "Offline" Playlists

Do I have to be online to use Spotify, or can I use my “Offline” (saved to my hard drive) playlists?

Online only

I am a die hard user. This is a community platform. You get anwsers faster from users then from the staff.
Your question has been asked a lot on this platform.
Trust me. Spotify online only.

As DJ Ivan said, you cannot use your saved Spotify playlists on djay Pro 2 without an internet connection. I use a mixture of both Spotify and my saved music that I have on my external hard drive on my dance floors when I do weddings. It is easy to do because you can easily switch from Spotify library to your personal library of music on the fly.

It would be great to be able to use saved offline Spotify playlists but I don’t see that happening in the future.

Asking with all due respect DJ Ivan, but are you a user…or a support staff member with Algoriddim? Looking for an official response here. :slight_smile:

Cool. Appreciate the response. Sounds like you’ve had some success using Spotify with Djay Pro 2 and internet though? (Been reading your comments on other posts.

I am a 15 year Wedding/Corporate Event/Private Party DJ. I do between 20-30 Weddings a year, and 15-20 “other” type events on top of that. I us Serato DJ Pro for my live mixing (Spotlight Event Songs/Open Dancing/Requests/Live Mixing). However, I always prepare my custom Cocktail and Dinner hour playlists ahead of time and “Cache” them (save to my MacBook), so there is no internet/streaming required. This is important in what Wedding DJs do, because I can be free to be doing behind the scenes prep and coordinating with other vendors/guests/ and the couple…instead of babysitting my music. I have a HUGE personal library of music I have/and regularly continue to purchase. However, there ARE certain requests I get that I might not have yet that I can find on Spotify, and AGAIN, save to my hard drive so the song doesn’t crash in the middle of playing it live. The look I get when someone asks if I have a song, I initially say “No, sorry”, and then play 3 songs later because I was able to find/save/play it has brought many smiles and excited dance floors my way. That being said…I would NEVER use streaming Spotify for my dance floor. The lack of internet reliability and latency issues is not worth ruining my reputation or my causing my clients dissatisfaction. If Djay 2 Pro ever DID allow playing of my Saved Spotify “offline” playlists…I would have no problem using it to DJ my dancefloor though. #crossingfingers! - TJ the DJ

Right. I play my Spotify Playlists (saved offline) through the Spotify Program on my Macbooks main audio out (1 channel of my mixer), and my Live/Dance Floor mixes through Serato DJ Pro’s USB Audio Interface (2 separate channels on my mixer). It allows for seamless manual crossfading. Was just hoping for a “One Program does it all” solution! :wink: