Using Neural with Streaming service and Local music

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  • Device model (2022 iPad Air 5th Gen):
  • Version of operating system (IOS 17.4.1):
  • Version of djay (e.g. 5.1.6):
  • Hardware/controllers used (Rane One):

Summary of the issue:
So not sure if this is a bug or just how it is,
Obviously I’m aware that Apple Music doesn’t allow Neural mix and neither will Tidal without the DJ extension subscription…
I’m not too bothered with it as I own 95%of the music I play so I have opted to cancel my Tidal subscription and signed up for Apple Music (I had a 6 months free voucher).
So If I am playing a Tidal or Apple music track on one deck and I am playing my own local music on the other deck, I can use Neural mix with my own music but if I attempt to use it on the Tidal or Apple track, Not only do I get the notification that Neural can’t be used with streaming service, but the Neural mix effect that I have on my local music track stops the Neural effect.

How to reproduce the issue:
Have a streaming track on say left deck,
Have a local/own music track on right deck.
Have a Neural effect say Vocal Mute on the right deck local owned track.
Attempt to use Neural Mix on the Streaming track on the left deck,
Notification of Neural Mix cannot be used with streaming service appears on screen (normal) but the Neural effect that was on your own track on right deck stops ie Vocal Mute goes back to normal.

Note this only happens with a mix of Streaming and Local owned music and only if you attempt to use Neural function with the Streaming service.
Obviously if you have the Tidal Dj extension add on, this shouldn’t be the case

Hi @maurizio_T, thanks for sharing and for the detailed explanation. I have forwarded this to the engineering team for further review.

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Hi again @maurizio_T, the engineering team was able to reproduce the issue. This will be fixed in an upcoming djay release. Thanks!

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