Using Pioneer DDJ-400 with Djay Pro iOS

Only just learned that Djay for iOS now supports the Pioneer DDJ-400. Purchased a lightning to usb camera connector and hooked it up to my iPhone XS Max and nothing’s happens. Can anyone explained how I get it to work?


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I sort of have it working with iPad Pro USB-C and the DDJ-400 using a USB-C to USB-B cable. Problem is after 30-45 minutes the audio on the controller stops working. It’s been consistent and I haven’t figured out the cause.

Having a similar issue with the DDJ-400 and DJay IOS.

iPad Pro 12.9" running latest version of IOS 12 and DJay IOS.
Connect adaptor to USBC port on iPad, connect power through to adaptor and iPad charges.
Yet connecting the DDJ-400 to the USB slot on the adaptor does nothing after launching DJay.
As above, unresponsive.

Adaptor and DJay works fine with other midi controllers like the Numark DJ2Go that draws power from the iPad, so connection kit functions fine.

Any thoughts?

Yes, works perfectly with DJay Pro 2 on Mac when connected using the same USB cable.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your post. The DDJ 400 is now natively supported by djay for iOS.

Please note that djay Pro for iOS is not supporting the controller.

You can use the DDJ 400 directly in the free version of djay for iOS.

Hi Adam,

In order to guarantee a perfect communication between your supported controller and djay for iOS please connect the controller to your iOS device following these steps:

  1. Connect the Lightning/USB-Adapter to your iOS device.
  2. Power the adapter through its designated power connector.
  3. Now connect the controller to the adapter to guarantee a perfect communication.
  4. Now start djay for iOS.

Hi Adam,

I am sorry to hear that.

Is the DDJ 400 starting up at all?

Lukas E.

Hi Adam,

That sounds bad. 

Is the controller starting up if you connect it via USB to your Mac / PC?

Also, is the controller starting up if you connect it via USB to your Mac / PC?I

Hi MK 12.9,

Can you please try to capture the issue and send us an exemplary video directly via

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply. I’m confused. There is only one version of djay available in the App Store. Which one is compatible?


I have gone through the following process:

  • launch djay app
  • Connect usb camera connection to iPhone.
  • connect lighting cable to camera connect and power source
  • connect DDJ-400 to camera kit via USB.

Absolutely nothing happens. The DDJ-400 is unresponsive.

Please advise.

Hi Lukas,

I have tried connecting in the order you have suggested.

The DDJ 400 is unresponsive.

Can you offer any further guidance?



Hi Lukas,

No nothing at all. No lights or anything.



Yes it work fine when connected to my windows PC

Everything I’ve seen on algoriddim say that as long as you’ve got the lightning usb3 adapter, the DDJ-400 would be supported. What am I missing?

Were you ever able to get it working?

You have to connect the lightning usb3 adapter to power using a lightning cable and wall adapter that comes with the ipad. Essentially, the system has to be connected to power.

Website states that the ddj-400 is compatible with the IOS pro version, however here it suggests it’s only the free version. Please can someone confirm that it is useable in IOS pro