Using Pioneer WeGo with Djay 2 for Android

I am trying to connect my Pioneer WeGo (original model) to my Android tablet for Djay 2 control. I bought a USB OTC cable and have attached power. My WeGo turns on, but doesn’t seem to be controlling the app.

Is this controller supported in Djay 2 for Android? If not, is it because I have the original version? Will it work with the WeGo 2?


Hi Beni,

I am sorry to tell you but the Android/ iOS compatibility of the WeGo family starts with the WeGo 2
I hope you understand.

Lukas E.

Hi Terry,

Yes the WeGo 3 is natively supported by Android.

You can find all supported controllers on our Hardware Website:

CheersLukas E.

Hi !
I have Pioneer Wego2 and Djay2 android app.
It’s not work!

wego 2 works well only with iOS.
Can you solve this problem?

so the android supports from the wego3?