Using Serato Crates With DJay Pro on iPad Pro

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I want to use my iPad Pro (4th Gen) with DJ Pro and external hard drive consisting of Serato crates. How would I go about using Serato crates and external drive with DJ Pro playlists?

Please answer the question using steps.


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@DJMikeDottin you need to convert your Serato library database to a djay Pro AI library database using software like DJ Conversion Utility. This will convert your crates/playlists and hot cues over to djay’s system.

Thanks so much, Slak_Jaw!


You’re welcome @DJMikeDottin

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Can you do this for the iPad or only Mac?

@E_Flem you need a Mac to run the DJCU software, but once you convert the Serato library over to the djay library on Mac you can copy that over to iPad.

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@E_Flem first you have to convert your Serato library to Rekordbox then from Rekordbox to djay Pro AI.

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