Using the mic with Kontrol S3 and DJay on iPad

Hi all,

Today I tried the NI Kontrol S3 in combination with DJay for iPad. I was amazed how well it integrates out of the box compared to the Traktor DJ 2 app for iPad. Nice work of the Algoriddim team!

However, I do have one question, how can I make the microphone work in combination with the djay app? (or another workaround)? That is the final feature I need to have so I can ditch the Traktor DJ 2 app :wink: .



Hi @larsh,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

While djay for iOS does not yet have mic integration in the app - stay tuned for some exciting new updates that we think you’ll really enjoy based on this thread!

Have a fantastic day!

Hi @NathanielAlgo ,

Cool, sounds good! Can you maybe already give some details about what will come and and the corresponding timeline?


Hi @larsh,

While we cannot speak in-depth about future releases I can only encourage you to check back regularly on our website (or the community forum) for new updates!

Hi @NathanielAlgo

Any news on this topic ? Is there ever going to be support for the MIC option :slight_smile: ?

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