Various suggestions ;)

Been a Serato and Rekordbox user for some years and now switching to DJayPro. Some of the first things that came to mind (and what would be really nice in future versions):

  • An ‘eject’ button for each player visual in the interface and not only in the dropdownm menu
  • The choice where the programm stores library so it can be stored on an external device (I use different machines so would be great if I just had to plug-in my external disk and my library folder structure is read from there).
  • In video-mode: an option to totally disable the crossfader so the output stays at the same ‘brightness’ and follows the chanel faders.

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our community!
At the moment you can eject tracks from each deck via the Top Menu Bar (e.g. Deck 1 > Eject) or you could also map the eject to designated keyboard shortcuts or your midi controller.

At the moment we are referencing tracks from the designated library locations. That means if your e.g. iTunes library is stored on an external device you can refer to the same library by different machines (same for the My Files library).

Regarding the Video fader. Are you doing solely Audio transitions?

Hi Lukas, in my sets I am mixing music videos (so audio and visuals simultaneosly). So when mixing I am focussed on the audio. If I have the crossfader centered video isn’t at his full brightness. In Rekordbox and Serato video (software I used before DJaypro) there was an option to totally disable the crossfader when using video and musicvideos followed the chanelfaders resulting in full brightness every time.
If I have to keep an eye on the crossfader to switch images next to the audio mixing I’m one hand short :grin:

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