Vaya engaño Djay1 retirado de appstore, volver a pagar Djay2??

Muy, muy descontento, es una vergüenza lo que ha hecho algoriddim con DJAY1 para iPad, pagar 16 euros en su día por una aplicación, con soporte con actualizaciones, y hoy desaparecida y lo peor de todo es que sacan Djay2 y hay que volver a pagar, vamos a la mierda!

Qué pasa si la borro, que me quedo sin ella para siempre, 16 euros a la basura.


Hi Warren. Thanks for your suggestion! But sadly, Djay 1 is not available on the purchased section of the app store. Any ideas?

The price of the new app is totally okay, but I would have personally been more keen on paying more for more quality control.

Keep it going! I am sure most of the glitches will be solved soon.


First off, even though djay 1 is no longer available for sale, you can still download it if you already bought it. Please open the App Store app on your iPad and go to “Purchases”.

We’d also like you to know how grateful we are for our loyal fans. It is your ongoing feedback and support that keeps us motivated to deliver the best djay app in the market. 

Since the first release of djay for iPad in Dec. 2010, we’ve delivered 18 FREE updates over the past 2.5 years, winning the Apple Design Award (2011) along the way. We’ve always listened to your requests, incorporated the most popular wishes and the positive feedback we’ve received was almost enough as payment for all the hard work. We say almost, because as a company, we have to look for our revenue every now and then. As much as we enjoy working on our apps, we have to charge an upgrade fee at some point, if we want to continue doing so. We hope you understand.

Please also note that there is no way for us to distinguish between new and existing customers in the App Store. We can only set one price for everyone.

With djay 2, we’re proud to present you the result of almost 2 years of development. Not only do we give you a whole new app with entirely new capabilities (e.g. Colored Waveforms, Waveform Mode and Sampler), we’ve also completely redesigned the library, packed with very useful features like Instant Preview. That being said, we believe that an upgrade price of 4.99$ (or 0.99$ for iPhone) is really fair. 
Please also take a moment and watch the overview video of djay 2:
The video walks you through all new features in djay 2 and will show you that this is really a whole new app and not just an update.

Again, thank you very much for your loyalty and support. We’ve put our hearts and hard work into djay 2 and it just blows our mind. We hope you feel the same. 

primeramente muchas felicidades por sus gran desempeño y fascinantes apps.
son geniales y únicas.

solo tengo un problema, ya hice lo que dice en el foro para recobrar mi app djay! simplemente que la actualización ya no se encuentra disponible y me quede en la versión 1.4!!

por lo consecuente me siento muy frutado!!

sin mas momento me despido, les mando un cordial saludo!