VCI-400 won't send Cue volume to headphone jack on controller

I downloaded the Demo of DJAY for Windows 10. I love it!..except…I can’t cue the tracks!

First, the Cue volume knob wasn’t being recognized, not even to set a MIDI point. So I set the volume to the “Master/Cue” knob. But then I realized in the settings that I can’t send the Cue output to the VCI. It’s only “Split” or my laptop speakers.

Is there a fix?? I want to buy the program, but not if I can’t Cue properly.

(It’s not the controller, everything works fine in Serato and Traktor.)

Have your controller a built in soundcard? If yeas, how many channels has it?

From what I have understand your controller need a 4 channel soundcard to be able to precue with headphones. At least when I tried the program the first time one year ago.
When I tried it a couple of weeks ago, I could configure/root precue via the computers internal soundcard, and the main output via the controller.

So my experience, at least with my Behringer 2a, I can choose where to precue

Unknown, but I’ll assume 2 since it works with Traktor and Serato


I’m having the same general problem. I am using a Numark ns6 running djay pro 1. would love to see this issue resolved. I even purchased a splitter. No luck.