Version 1.1, a few things...

Version 1.1 - a few things I noticed.

  1. DJay Pro does not save settings when closing. (would be incredible helpful)
  2. In the search area, please allow us to remove the columns that we don’t need to see.
  3. In the search area, please allow us to show columns that we would like to see (birate, rating, etc) It’s impossible to see which is the best version to use presently.
  4. When adding folders, please allow a “recurse” to the parent folder that allows us to see all tracks within that folder.
  5. Allow us to analyze all tracks within the parent folder, instead of having to navigate to the sub-folder.
  6. Please allow the default loop on the front screen to be 4. (makes no sense it being 2)

Day won’t recognize iTunes library

  1. Scrolling through music video folders while playing a music video causes the music video to be choppy.
  1. Sometimes there is a delay after hitting the play button on the MC6000MK2 of up to half of a second. Any way to adjust this?
  1. Sync should only extend as far as your allowed tempo range. If you have a slow song playing and you accidentally hit sync, you now have a train wreck with the next song. If tempo range is set to 8%, that’s how far your sync should go. If the tracks are more than 8% apart, sync should do nothing.
  1. Had a freeze and a spinning ball when switching from playlist to “music”. Had to hard reboot to unfreeze. No crash report generated.

Works perfectly here.

  1. Please add a clock. would be very useful in a wedding environment, like tonight.

I replied to the saved settings in another thread. Posted a picture below to show what needs to be remembered. Effects panel should be open when I open the software.

Also, master tempo should default to “on”.

A clock is a MUST have. Played out twice so far and absolutely needed a system clock both times.

Default wave zoom on.

Columns in the search area are very important as well. Need to be able to add or remove columns.

Default loop should always be 4, not 2.

All the other stuff is not nearly as important.

Again, I am BEYOND happy with this. I have switched completely to Djay Pro.

Still not saving settings. (Zoom, etc)
Still not defaulting to a 4 beat loop.
No improvement to the columns in search mode.
Still not defaulting to master tempo on.
Sync still extending beyond set tempo range.

Start you own thread, with your own suggestions please.

With all due respect, this company used to take YEARS to produce an update until someone (ME) lit a fire under their butts.

What you fail to understand is that they focus on threads to make improvements. If you make YOUR OWN thread, you will get more attention to your issue. So, I wasn’t being a DICK, I was actually giving you proper advice to get your issues addressed by the developers.

Also, I could CARE LESS what you think of me. My business relies on this software. If it doesn’t work right, I won’t use. Also, YOU mean NOTHING to me, so you can call me whatever name you want. I don’t know you, I don’t care to know you.

All I care about on this forum is getting this software RIGHT. I will post what I need to assist the developers to make it right. And DARN RIGHT, I will be pushy. If not, NOTHING gets done. I have been here for YEARS. You have been here for two months.

Again, I SAID PLEASE. So, if THAT is being a “dick”, then so be it. You have no clue!


@Rod Urand -… --please vote this up

I second the columns for search issue - this is the one thing I miss mostly.

Hey guys, just installed v1.2 and it included a ton of bug fixes and some nice updates. Thanks. However, the search area is still lacking the ability to add/remove columns. Any idea if/when this will be implemented? This is really a feature that is making my experience with this program short of seamless. Thanks for your hard work so far!

Thank you so much, Scott, for this detailed feedback!
About 1.: Which settings would you want to be saved? We also paid attention on your request and implemented remembering the View, Queue Panel and Effect settings.
About 10.: We’ll try to reproduce this. If this happens again, please let us know!

@Rod: Please update to djay Pro 1.1.1. This is the fixed version.

Hey guys,

Please update to djay Pro 1.1.2. We paid attention to your requests and added a clock to full screen mode.
Check it out!

We decided to focus on improving the searching tool performance before adding new features to it. As always, we don’t make any promises about future developments.
Hope you understand!

Why the hell would you like the master tempo set to on by default?

What would really be super useful is the save settings when booting the next time .
Song rating would also be awesome.
Control what info you see about the song would be awesome to.

There is a panel where you can see suggested songs when playing one. It would be handy to add a button to this panel that gives you more control. For now the suggestions come from all over Spotify. It would be good to have a loggle button in 3 steps: All Spotify, my Spotify, this playlist.