Vestax Midi Controller

Hi, I have a Vestax VFX-1 MIDI FX Controller for VCI-300 which works fine with Serato Itch but I can’t seem to get it to work with djay for mac? The VCI-300 works brilliantly with Djay, but I can’t use the effects with the VFX-1 MIDI FX Controller, has anyone else had the same problem?

It’s not natively supported. You can try using it via MIDI learn. Open “Configure” from the “MIDI” menu to start mapping your controller. 

Good evening to all of you . I want to buy a Vestax Spin controller in order to release the boys and my friends . It ’ still valid as a controller for Djay Pro ? I should point out that I use with a controller Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ - SZ . Thank you all in advance for any your reply.

Goodmorning everyone. I purchased the Vestax Spin controller . Last night at a birthday they had fun my friends . No problem . The controller and ’ was immediately recognized by Djay Pro . To know in advance that this new controller paid 70 euro went well I would have avoided buying a Pioneer 2000 Euros . Joke! ahahahahaha

Forgive my bad English .