Vestax Spin 2 'accessory may not be supported' in Djay 2 (v2.2.1)

I’m using a 3rd gen iPad (30 pin) running IOS 7 (7.0.4) and Djay 2. When I plug my Spin 2 into the iPad it charges for a millisecond but I then get a message saying ‘accessory may not be supported’. The Vestax logo still appears and the controller still works, but the iPad won’t charge. This is also the case with Djay 1. Any ideas?!

Yep, check if your 9V power supply is the one that shipped with the unit.

If you lost it, check the exact specs (output voltage, amperage, wattage, port) in order to effectively replace it.

My unit did work fine with the 30pin->lighting adapter provided by Apple.

Hi Chris,

This sounds like a hardware problem. Please kindly contact Vestax support directly:

Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for the quick reply Warren - looks like the issue is being caused by a faulty adapter. Hope this helps anyone else suffering the same thing!

Hi Daniel. Just to help you narrow down the adaptor question, I was referring to the mains adaptor not a 30 pin adaptor. I had the wrong one! Good luck with your issue

I’m having the same issue after buying 2 30 pin adapters. The first one was from eBay and did nothing at all. The second was from the apple shop and did what you described Chris.

Anyone know if there is a specific 30 pin adapter that will actually make it charge?

Such a bummer when the battery dies :frowning: