Vestax Spin 2: can the sound card and controls be used with other software than Djay?

Hi guys,

I’m about to order that new Vestax Spin 2 which is supposed to work seamlessly with djay for Mac and iOS with stereo pre-cueing.

I see on the promo videos it looks like being a controller specifically built for Algoriddim’s software.

But I’d like to know if I can actually use it as a regular multi-channel sound card as well as a midi controller with other software than Djay.

Besides of using it with my iOS device, one of my use cases is using it as a rescue solution for my Traktor setup and map its jogs, faders and buttons to Traktor.

I already contacted Vestax and reseller Thomann about this but had no answer so far.

Maybe Algoriddim’s team who have certainly played with this product could provide me an answer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Alexandros,

Yes, I did actually (one of my personal favorites). Nevertheless, I’m sorry but I can’t answer your question. That’s something you need to ask the other software’s support directly.


Thanks for the reply.

Technically there’s no reason it would’t work as it must be a classic CoreAudio device combined with a midi controller. Except if it’s a limitation specifically put by Vestax and Algoriddim for commercial purposes.

Did you notice if the Vestax is seen by the Mac as any other CoreAudio sound card?

Also, does djay use the MIDI protocol to communicate with it or any other proprietary protocol?


Has anybody got any news on this question ? I still couldn’t confirm the info and Vestax hasn’t come back to me so far.

I got the answer by myself by taking the risk to order the Vestax Spin 2 which I received today.

I can confirm you that it does work as a regular dual stereo output sound card on my Mac (didn’t try on Windows yet). It appears on the Sound pref pane as any there audio interface would do.

It also works as a regular MIDI device on Traktor 2.6.x. I need to test the jogs and the touch sensitive controls behavior though.

I may post a review as soon as I tested all the features. My overall impression is positive on the product so far!