Vestax Spin 2 main output not working, any suggestions?

Hi people, just purchased a vestax spin 2 and am using with a macbook pro.

I cannot get any output from the main output of the spin 2 and when I check the audio devices in the audio midi setup from utlities it shows zero volume levels for the vestax spin 2 audio out. It will also not allow me to select anything/change the levels.

Can anyone suggest why this is the case? Is this a software failure?

Incidentally, I can get sound to playback by selecting a different output in djay preferences such as built in output (plays ok from the laptop speakers) but if I try to beef that sound up by running the sound from the laptop to a bluetooth speaker or out of the headphone socket of the laptop to another speaker, the cueing goes out between the headphones on the spin 2 and the output, making it impossible to mix.

Ideally, I want the main output on the spin 2 to work!



Hi Piers,

Please open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu and go to “Devices”. Select:

Main Output: Spin ch 1-2
Pre-cueing: Spin ch 3-4