Vestax Spin Djay 4 crash issues

I’m having crashing problems with djay 4. I’m using a macbook 2.4 gig 4 gig ram with a Vestax spin controller well within the parameters of the program. Basically I will load one song and play, then go to loan another and thats when it will crash. Basically the first load will continue to play and the controller still monitors the track but all remote functions will stop working. Basically I have to let the music play out and restart the program. This happened at one party 4 times any suggestions where the problem is occurring?

Hi Pasquale,

Sorry to hear that.

  • Which djay version do you have? (exact version number)
  • Which OS X version are you running?
  • Does this also happen when you’re not using the Spin?

Hmm OK. Please keep me posted.

Hey Pascale,

Are you now using djay 4.1? Using an external power adapter should not make any difference. Though, is your Spin connected directly to the Mac or via an external hub? Is your music on an external hard drive? Please provide as much information as possible. This issue may not have anything to do with the Spin at all.

By the way, please check if you can find any crash logs for djay and send them to

Hi Leonardo,

Please provide more information so we can better assist you.
* Which djay version are you using?
* Does this also happen when you’re not using the Spin controller?
* Does the crash happen with certain songs?

Hey there thank you for a response
I’m am running osx 10.7.5
And Djay 4.0.6

I have never run the program not using Spin.

I have notice something this past weekend at a gig. I’m not sure if this is the full reason for the problem. I turned my gains down and actually had no problem with freezing this particular last gig. I will try this again at my next gig. If there is any other reason that you may have heard or know of I’m all ears. But I suspect if all goes well the next gig then high gains may freeze the interface. Hopefully some of these smaller gigs have high gain on their outboard gear

Thanks so much again Warren

Pasquale Santoro

Hey Warren how are you. I guess its hit or miss with this. This past day I had a gig where djay freeze at least 5 times. My gains were low. Even when I scroll it will lock up and continue to scroll on its own. I’m using a 2.0 usb port to power Spin. Was wondering if you think using an external power supply would it help? I have about 5 up coming gigs including huge New Years eve party I’m hoping to get some clues to what might be happening. Thanks again for your help.


Hey Warren thanks so much for getting back to me a.s.a.p. I recently upgraded to 4.1 just a couple of days ago. I’m not using an external hub or hard drive I plug in directly to my mac and I have tried both usb ports. I keep my wifi off I was told that could effect memory (don’t know if thats true). Also I use the main outs on my spin controller. I checked the crash reporter folder and the only file there was something called (airportd 2012-12-19-140). I also checked the diagnostic Report and there is one file there thats labelled crash in (red) airportd 2012-12-19-140 would these files be useful to you? Have not seen anything that obviously related to Spin or Djay. If those reports are useful please send me a link to send to.

Thanks again Warren


Sorry those files weren’t properly named. In the crash reporter as well as the diagnostic file both read(airportd_2012-12-…49_localhost.crash)

Problem solved (power cord)

now wondering if there is a sneak peak at a new djay to come lol

This is interesting. I just upgraded to v4.1 as well and am not able to launch the application. Every time I try to launch the app, it “unexpectedly quits”. I am running djay on a Mac running OS 10.8.2. Any thoughts on this issue? Warren, are these issues tied together? Thanks.

happen the same! 2 crashes in the same night… I’m working with djay and I’m very serious when I said with I’m start to lose my patience…
how to fix this problem?? djay crashed after I’m loaded a couples of songs in middle of the night, from iTunes…
I’m using Yosemite 10.10 but with Lion 10.9… happen too…

Hi warren.
the version djay is 4.2.3 (last version)
Spin Controller? I use a Audio external USB and configurate it on djay when I Plugged in from preferences…
I don’t remember if happened with the same song… but I don’t think so…
Thank you for you’r answer… and let me know… because I really need to fix this soon as possible…