Vestax Spin microphone with djay for Windows

I am using the Vestax Spin controller with djay Pro for Windows. Everything works fine, except the microphone input. The drivers seem to be installed properly, as I can use the Vestax microphone wit other apps. The microphone button on Vestax sends MIDI messages, and it is mapped to the Microphone action in djay Pro, but nothing happens when I press the microphone button on Vestax.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
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Mircophone signals are not accessible as input signals. Is the mic signal directly being outputted via the Vestax Spin Master Output?

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Added another counter to the request for Windows.

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Lukas E.

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The mic is not outputted directly to the Vestax Spin Master Output. It can be done through the computer only.

I see that the djay Pro for Mac manual has the microphone support. Is this supported or planned for the windows version?

4.2.3 Mic input
Once you’ve configured your microphone hardware, toggle the microphone input on or off, change the volume to suit your needs. You can also add Echo and alter the Pitch of the incoming sound for some cool effects!