Vestax Spin Turntable stuck on red

When I use my second turntable on my Vestax Spin it stops the song and things that my hand is still touching it. So imagine your had is touching the turntable and that is what it’s like but I’m not touching it. The only way to fix it that I have found is to touch the other turntable and that seems to undo it and make it keep playing the song. If anyone can help that would be a great help! (On my Mac I’m using Version 1.1 DJPro).

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That sounds like a hardware problem. Please try the following:

On the backside of your controller (where all the cables go in) there are two little knobs. 
With the help of these knobs you can adjust the touch sensor level of the Jog Wheels. 
Please try if that feature helps you!Best regards, 

i have a similar issue, it actually looks exactly like the picture posted above. my right turntable is red and won’t let me scratch it. when i try its just slows it down or speeds it up, depending on which way i spin it. it was working perfectly fine when i plugged it in, but now it doesn’t. i don’t know if i hit a button or changed a setting somewhere, but i can not figure out how it get it back.

following your above instructions, the table will turn blue if i turn the sensitivity knob almost all the way down, but it still will not let me scratch it. when i shut down the program or unplug the device nothing changes, like its a setting somewhere.

any help is appreciated!
thanks, bryan