Vestax Spin Upfader Response

The response of the crossfader on the vestax spin using djay 4.06 is excellent but the upfaders seem to lag a fair bit making it very dificult to use them for anything other than small changes in volume. If i move the crossfader very quickly from left to right extremes then the crossfader on screen will do exactly the same but if i try doing that with the upfaders the onscreen upfaders just move up and down awkwardly in the middle not reaching the very top or very bottom of their potential movement. Is this normal behaviour?

Hi Peter,

I’ll test this and get back to you. Which faders do you mean exactly?

the faders for the decks in the middle of the screen

Hi there, I believe I am having the same problem recently, I use Vestax Spin for Djay (V1) and If I try to use the volume for the right turntable via spin controller it will start moving constantly and not stay in place, if I try and leave it on the maximum on Spin then on screen will just reach about 80% of total volume and also constantly moving involuntarily , the only way I found to still be able to use it for DJing in public is to not use the lever at all and only depend on crossfader for mixing both tracks, my vestax spin is only a year old and I do look after it well so I’m not quite sure what the problem is. Also I occasionally get the lever for speed on both sides stuck in current speed and if i try to move, it will then show as a “ghost” button, with faded color and no response on output of speed. only way to get the control back if to take the speed to the max and back in place where I would like it to be, not a good move if the track is active…