Vestax Typhoon Mapping for djay on iPad?


I own a typhoon dj controller and used it previously on a mac with Traktor.
But as djay uses Spotify and I recently bought an iPad I thought this could be real cool to use my controller on that iPad with djay.

Turned out it is not supported :(. Is there anything I can do? Is there a mapping function for the non-pro version of djay for my iPad that I am also able to use my typhoon on it?

I don’t know if it is that hard to manage because it looks excactly like the spin.

Maybe somebody has an idea.

Thx for help.
Kind regards,

Hi there,

we are sorry to tell you but neither the iOS version nor the Android version support the Vestax Typhoon.

Lukas E.

Im using same controller (vestax typhoon) but would like to make it work for android? is there easy instructions for mapping?