Vestax VCI-400 Controller

Will DJAY for MacBook Pro work with the Vestax VCI-400 controller?

The list of natively supported controllers is here:…
And yes, the VCI-400 is on it.
But also be aware you can pretty much map any controller to it, with MIDI learn.

Hope this helps.

Can we have the VCI-400 supported on the iPad as well, please?

checkout a message from SteNight in this topic:…

i’m already tested my vestax vci-400 mapping and all works great!

Roman, I have just purchased a VCI 400 and use Djay on macbook pro. I want to use the mic via deck c/d rather than using direct to master. I have switched the mode buttons on the front side to the centre position. The mic works fine and can be controlled by the EQ. The only problem is that when I use it in this configuration the start/stop button for the turntables no longer work and when pressed they make sound effect noises. Could you possibly give me some advice on this. Thanks