VESTAX VCM-100 review in 2023

Love this old mixer. I use the tempo faders on the vcm-100 to mix and keep the Omni on 33 rpm. The fader is pretty good better than the Vci-400. Super fun set up works on iPad and iPhone too if your wondering. Easy mapping it’s honestly the best portable mixer for djay. Peep the scratch video.


I managed to find one of these, but I can’t seem to get it to work reliably on iOS or Mac with DJay.
I’m using it with 2 turntables as a DVS mixer. It works for a couple of minutes then starts dropping/distorting the audio. Have you experienced this? I also found a cheap MayaUSB44+ (which is the card this mixer uses) and it does the same thing. Bit stumped on how to troubleshoot.

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I had to use a dj tech tools usb cord to get it working properly, just find a good usb cord. For iPhone a real genuine usb camera dongle. For iPad I just used an iPad Amazon usb c hub. Main outputs ch 3&4, booth and monitor ch 1&2 settings. For the turntable input usb and the rca’s both work for dvs.

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Okay, that matches my setup:

  • 2 turntables connected by RCA
  • VCM connected to powered USB hub (iPad/iPhone) or direct (Mac)
  • USB hub connected to official USB 3 camera adapter
  • Tried all buffer sizes

Only difference I see is the USB cable. Ordered a UDG audio optimised one to see if that helps.


Do you power it over USB or with a dedicated power supply?

It should work on iPad and Mac without power supply.