VIDEO and SOUND EFFECTS on new DJAY ios has serious flaws

No complaints about subscription as long as the content is constantly updated and created, need more video loops etc…but there are major issues;

  1. WHY CANT I CREATE A CUSTOM SAMPLE PACK, it seems that the sample record button is actually a loop record button to record effect plays, but what about USING OUR OWN SOUND EFFECTS. THIS IS ESSENTIAL to use our own samples or create a custom pack.

  2. While in Video Mode there is no tempo bend just an up down arrow hidden in the little tempo cube…many of us actually can mix and do not use the sync feature…we need a way to change temp more easily without switching back and forth between views.

  3. I have discovered we cannot PLAY Custom VIDEO on top of a song without a Video, just use the loops offered by u guys, i mean who wants to look at a loop for 6 minutes when we can play custom clips from our library (or another video) like we have been on djay pro for years? please bring this function back or app is unusable for me… sticking on djay pro till u work these kinks out.

Hi Cire,

thank you for your interest in our latest iOS app.

  1. There will be an update which will provide a “create your own sample” option, stay tuned.

  2. Thank you for that feedback, added to our user request list.

  3. You can play custom videos by loading them onto the desired deck. Make sure there is no visualiser activated and the looper visualisers turned off if activated.

I hope this is helping.

Lukas E.