“Video Exceeds 30 fps” ? Huh….?

Just got a warning that my video exceeds 30 fps…uh YEAH it’s 2022. A LOT of my videos WILL exceed 30fps.

How can I disable the warning?

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Hi @eFromDC,

Thanks for posting this question in the Algoriddim Community.

This warning comes up on videos with >30FPS which in some cases will affect playback quality. Videos - for now - will not play videos at a higher frame rate in djay. It’s not currently possible to disable this warning. We apologize for the inconveniences this might have caused you. However, we appreciate you taking the time to share this request with us. I’ll pass this improvement request to our development team. Our team is continuously improving the app, so your feedback is very helpful in ensuring future developments are aligned with the wishes of the djay community. I’ll keep you posted with any updates. It would be great if people could vote/comment on this request. :ballot_box:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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I agree! No need to see a warning message every time you load 60 fps files.

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