Video is unusable....

Sorry guys but the video portion is really unusable. I have relatively new iMac with great specs and the video is VERY choppy and when you load another video into the other player, the video output freezes completely.

Sorry but you need to work on this to make the software run MUCH smoother in video mode.

Here are my specs:

I used MP4 videos. (Promo Only)

It happens all the time. If I scroll up and down the playlist, the video literally freezes.

If a video would help, I am glad to take one.

Do you need a video for this problem? Video is completely unusable now and this needs addressed asap.

Update… Found the problem with choppy video…

If you are scrolling through your tracks in THIS mode, you get choppy video output.

If you scroll through the tracks when in THIS mode, there is no choppiness in the video output.

This mode also causes a choppy video output.

I can reproduce this every time so hopefully this will help.

Big problems with the video on Both my Macbook Pro and iMac. Constant crashes and any video over 512 px in width reduces the playback to 2-3 FPS. HD 1080 plays back as if it’s a series of still frames changing every 2-3 seconds.

Any video loaded in over 512 px wide is super down sampled and so blurry there’s no point in using it.

Because as of right now it seems like it only plays standard def 16x9 video.

What are the official supported specs of the video player?

Forgot to mention I tested all videos H664 compressed.

I am also having horrible issues with choppy video playback in general. Any action I perform causes skips and pauses.

The second screenshot shows the specs of one video… typically the files sizes vary but resolutions are the same throughout my video collection.

Is there anything I can do to achieve better performance?

I’ve waited a long time for the team to incorporate videos on Mac. I really hope this can be fixed. Thanks for your efforts.

That solution worked for me as well…

Various actions also caused minor skips (not as bad as scrolling the detailed track window)

Motions to drag a new track…
Scrolling inside the left hand columns in the track area…

I have yet to try an extended monitor since hearing about the “change track appearance” workaround… I will report back when I get to sit down at home… Thanks @djmagicmoments for pointing this out to us all!!!

Scott, can you give some information on the videos you used? Did that happen to any video you loaded into djay Pro?

You’re right, it occurred to me, too. Great work, Scott!
We’re on it!

Exact same problem! If they fix this it will be the best dj app in my opinion.

Have u guys figured out a solution to this?