Video Mixing - Windows 11

  • Device model: Reloop BUDDY + iPhone 6 and Pioneer REV5 with Win 11
  • Version of operating system: WIN 11
  • Version of djay: Pro 5 subscription for 1 year
  • Hardware/controllers used: Pioneer REV5 with Win 11 for video mix

Your question:

Hello! The video mix function does not appear on windows 11. I am logged in with the account on the iPhone 6. On the iPhone, I have the function down next to the music files.
Video mix not available on win 11?

It’s not the only thing missing from the Windows version.

A common complaint about Algoriddim. I don’t think they like Windows.

Hi @DjMarcoRO, video mixing is not currently available on the Windows version of djay. However, I have change this topic from a Question to a Suggestion. Please cast your vote to have this feature added using the blue Vote button at the top left. Thanks!

Can it be solved with a Hackintosh system?

@DjMarcoRO, video mixing is available on macOS and iOS.

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