Video of turntable playing vinyl and audio from iphone music library

Can anyone help me with step by step instructions on how to merge an audio file from my iphone to a video of my turntable playing a vinyl record PLEASE.

Hi Sergio,

To replace an audio or video track of a media item that is currently loaded on a player, tap the respective replace media icons in the upper left and right corners of the preview screen.

This is currently not possible. Feel free to post it here as an “Idea”.
I also personally think this feature would be useful.

Hi Warren
many thanks for your response, it works! One more thing please… I need to make the music start when the video shows the turntable needle go down onto the record. Can I choose the moment within the video when the music can start?

Thanks again

Hi… should I take your silence for a NO? :slight_smile:

Where is the page where I can post this idea?