Video out freezes and is unusable on iPad

I am using MP4 video and hdmi out. I either get a blank screen or the video starts playing for a while then freezes, although the audio keeps playing. It is worse when I load a second video or when I browse the library.
Also the videos do not fill the screen even the 1080p ones. It seems it is stuck with the ratio of the iPad not the 16:9 aspect of the actual video.
The first problem MAY be my iPad as it’s an ipad4 although should have enough power to do it. I would rather go back to my MacBook and virtual DJ if this problem exists, a waste if £15.

Djay pro for iPad is really for 64 bit iPads which would be iPad Air and above. I have a iPad 4 and it runs audio okish as it has audio glitches here and there. I just use Djay 2 now as my iPad fully meets the spec.