Video out to TV. How?

I have my TV hooked up to my macbook pro through a mini-Displayport to HDMI adapter. It works like a 2nd monitor (or mirroring) like it always does but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get the video to go out to the TV while my macbook let’s me use the software. There’s no pop out for the videos or anything that eludes to how to do what I assume everyone would want and need to do.

Please help! Thank you!

Thank you for updating, Dallas!
We’ll have an eye on that delay issue…

Nevermind! The first time I clicked on the full screen arrows within the center video, it just made it full screen on my laptop, despite already having my TV connected. I just tried again and it asked which screen I wanted to use. I had a similar delay when turning on automix and being prompted with something about not being able to because I was either using or not using an internal mixing, though I had my Novation Twitch connected. I tried again just a minute later and it worked. Weird delays.

Thank you for reading and replying! Great software! And all for only $50?! I’m slowly putting together some feedback but it’s just a few minute things. Better MIDI support for my Novation Twitch would be awesome but understood that it’s an outdated and unique controller.

I am having the exact same problem trying to stream the visuals onto my TV using a Rocketfish adapter to the HDMI to my TV. I click the full screen button in the center of the middle viewing window, yet I have never got the option to choose what projector or monitor to display it on. I have unplugged it multiple times as well as close out of the program, but nothing has worked yet.

Do you mean you can display the video only on TV while still viewing the software on your computer?