Video Output Compatibility - IPAD AIR + DJ PRO + Reloop Beatpad 2


I have been using the DJAY app for years, upgraded to DJAY2 when introduced, and also recently purchased the Reloop Beatpad 2.So far it has been the most amazing piece of simplicity based set-up ever. I’ve been playing gigs now with this recent unit and people often wonder if I have actually come prepared to DJ at parties, since all I carry is my Ipad and the compact console. As of recent days, I use DJAY PRO on MAC to play and display videos while I spin my tunes… So, thanks for all you have done Algoriddim Team!!

With the recent upgrade to PRO on IPAD, I want to enquire the following:

  • Although u say it works on IPAD pro, I see that it is compatible with IPAD Air as well. Can you confirm this. I do not intend to have the split screen option, as I wont look at other apps while dj’ing.
  • If so, As I Use the Beatpad 2, I want to understand how I can dock my IPAD on the console (via lightning pin), and still connect an HDMI projector so that I can display videos while playing music. Is this only possible via the MAC app? There is no other output on the console for video or HDMI and the ipad has 1 connector… please help. This is on utmost concern to me, as I will be touring from next week… and need the flexibility. Will it work with the Lightning Digital AV Adapter ?

I can confirm it works on my Ipad Air.

I don’t know about the video stuf. My best guess is you have to airplay it.

Hi there,

thank you guys for your posts.
@DJ Ivan is right, every iPad wich is iOS 8 ready is supported by djay pro for the iPad.

Referring to your video output question, at the moment Airplay is the only way to use your Beatpad 2 for mixing while sending out a video signal, sorry for that.

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Lukas E.

Hi there,

thank you guys for sharing your ideas and feedback regarding the video output signal. I am sorry to tell you but at the moment it is not possible to split the video/ audio output in order to send the audio to the Beatpad and the Video signal to an external source like the Apple Tv. We are doing our best in order to provide you guys other solutions in order to do so. We would be very thankful if you would continue to post your thoughts and ideas about this topic. 

Thank you in advance,
Lukas E.

Hi, Still waiting… Please…

I can see answers being given to other queries, even the ones posted after this… So can you please be kind enough to answer my query.

Have a gig this week and need alternatives…

Thank You

Thanks Ivan,

However, my concern is mainly the video output option. I just need to know if the Lightning AV HDMI adapter works fine for the video output, as I wont have airplay (wifi) in every place I do gigs at…

If it works with the adapter, I just plug my projector in or use HDMI out to a video source… much better.

Can someone from Algoriddim kindly clarify this please… as this topic is not covered in any place…

hi Lukas,

thanks for you very brief answer, but it is rather vague. I believe my question is pretty elaborate hence I anticipate answers, advice and solutions from your side as experts.

Can i send the video only via airplay and use another reconnected audio source? can you kindly elaborate your answer. We need detailed information. If this is not possible then how come the product is marketed without specifying?

i am an avid user and have the full suite of Algoriddim products across all platform, and all my equipment and set up is currently built around your software… so i expect the same level of commitment from your side with regards to customer service.

need solutions asap. BTW i have the same on my mac and it is working well. This query is purely related to the IPAD.

hope you guys respond soon.

exactly the point what i expected to be answered…seems we have to ask in many ways…

Does the sound still come out the reload or does it go through AirPlay. As I was trying it with a traktor2 sound card and external mixer. If I did the air play the sound went to the TV with video. I could not used the sound from traitor and air play, if reloop2 does… I was thinking of getting it and that would settle it. So I hope it does.…

Is something like this and USB 3 powered hub possible to get going with external devices plus VJing.? iPad pro or air 2 maybe…

Far reach here I’m sure, but here’s to hoping.

I got it to work with a couple of devices. One is the iPad hdmi cable. Then I used and hdmi/splinter I bought from eBay. So the video from the splitter box when to TV and then I used an y audio cable to my mixer/master. I was also able to use the audio out of the iPad for headphones que.…

I was able to split audio and video with something like this. And Apple lighting to HDMI. That gave the master audio out with a audio Y cable (headphone to RCA) the out of the iPad can be set to headphone cue. Your golden.

no midi controller though. Need to get this setup built into one. Unless there is a hdmi/USB adapter now

what is the point in software that you can’t send audio to your controller and video to airplay? surely that defeats the entire object of being able to mix videos on the app with a controller (I’m using reload beat pad)
this software promised so much and looked amazing but is a joke as nothing is ready for the pro DJ to use. disappointed

if you are not using a controller, it’s easy, just get the fire to hdmi cable from apple then hook hdmi cable to this… or similar and you have video / audio separations. The problem is with a controller, they connect through same port and i am not aware of any way to split the signal even with new mixon controller which is super lame. Trying to get a support answer out of algoriddim is pathetic 2 to 4 week turnaround time, which is also a shame because the software itself is brilliant…hope the tip helps for those not using controllers.

This is like a hoax. The Software, the Advertisement promisses a use of high quality video and audio… for what ? just for myself? 4K on the pad?

There IS a need for an qualified output of both … vid and audio!

Any further news on the split audio/ vid topic?

Is there any new info on this, I also purchased djay pro for my ipad air 2 thinking I could output video and use a mixer as “pros” do for audio output to my speakers at a gif. This needs to be addressed.