Video Output for Djay Pro Windows?

Didn’t Really Notice right off bat…But is there Not Video Output for Djay Pro Windows? Also the Most Recent update through the Windows Store…LED’s around Jogwheels/Platters aren’t Lighting Up Any Longer(Mixon 4)

Hey Mark,

djay Pro for Windows is not supporting Video output. Regarding your midi out LED’s is the latest Mixon 4 driver installed on your machine?

Lukas E.

In the future, djay pro for windows will support video output???

So this is the only forum i’ve found so far on this topic - anynew updates on a timeline for video on windows?

Already have it on the ipad and works great, and would love to buy pro for windows, but no video support is holding me back - might go with serato instead, unless you can give me a glimmer of hope that video is at least on the roadmap for windows.

I’ve the same problem. Wish this software could be better in this feature.