Video output latency adjustment

  • Device model:
  • Version of operating system: Sonoma 14.3.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: Rev7

Your question:
Is there a way to apply a delay to the video output to offset for video switcher latency in bigger venues? In Mix Emergency/Serato I can adjust the offset by the necessary milliseconds to get the lips back in sync with the words.

Hi @dje_rich, this is not currently possible in djay. However, I have changed this topic from a question to a suggestion and forwarded the idea to our dev team for consideration. Thanks!

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Some of the venues I VJ for use HDMI to VHF converters and that seems to cause a delay. Virtual DJ and Serato have Video Delay features help correct this. Any way we can implement this into DJay Pro?

I love DJay Pro and it’s interface, it’s a smooth and lean application. Unlike the competitors. I hate having to use another platform that is clunky for certain clubs.

Hi @tomrogers, I’ve merged your new topic with this existing one.