Video output picture freezes via hdmi adapter & airplay when accessing library

I am posting here because communication has for some reason stopped to my email on this topic from Algoriddim. Initial communication to their support email app on 26 December 2015 with only 1 followup and nothing subsiquent.

Using iPad 128
App: djay Pro (1.0.1)
iOS Version: 9.2 (13C75)
Device: iPad5,3
Plus offical lightening-HDMI convertor to Samsung LCD TV & AppleTV units both old & latest models.

During playback via lightening-HDMI adapter or AirPlay the video (Picture) playback freezes while accessing the music and/or video library on the iPad. When exiting the library picture unfreezes returning to the correct position in sync with the audio.
Note: Audio playback is not affected and continues as expected regardless of the picture freeze on the output side.
To clarify this issue is only with the video picture playback via HDMI or AirPlay to an AppleTV and freezes at the point you enter the library resuming once again when you exit the library.

I would appreciate further followup to my email on this or a prompt fix…

Hi there,

thank you very much for pointing this out, we were able to reproduce this and are sorry that you had to experience this. We are doing our best to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you very much and stay tuned, 
Lukas E.

Hi Derrick Truitt,

we are doing our best to provide a solution as soon as possible, our apologies.

Regarding the pre cueing, please note that the iPad can’t separate the video and audio output.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

we are very very happy to announce that djay Pro 1.0.3 which is now live fixes this issue.

Have fun mixing.

Lukas E.

Hi Guys,

It has been a very long time… What’s your fix plan for this ?



Is there a fix coming soon for this? I use the Ipad Pro and have the same issue.

In addition when using the audio splitter for headphones and speaker output, when using HDMI you are not able to cue the next song with the headphones. The audio comes out of the HDMI port and the headphone option is greyed out.

I have no problem using audio splitter (griffin y cable) and hdmi out at same time…for even better audio, u can get a hdmi/audio split box on Amazon which can send video one place and audio another, then u can pre-cue with just headphones …like this…

I have the same issue, my audience is so amazed that I can do so much with DJaypro and then there’s a freeze in every song Shen searching for next track, I hope this is not hardware limited and is just a glitch in the software…eagerly awaiting fix, playing twice a week with this issue. Surprised hundreds are not on this topic, cause it’s happening to all

Please please … Hurry, thank you

going on 4 months…this needs a fix asap…

I think they went out of business…5 months since an update and no responses… kinda sucks

ETA on update…

i have the same problem, any fix soon??

Quick answer to both questions. Had the same problems, here is how I fixed them.

Don’t search or browse your library full screen, use the small screen that allows you to still see most of djay pro running. It doesn’t matter which view you were on, it don’t have to be the video display. That way the video feed will be continuous.

When you plug the hdmi adapter in you iPad, you must adjuster parameters for output. There’s new options then. There’s 8 channels output over hdmi (for use with home cinema audio system). But default, master is channel 1-2 and cueing is 7-8 if I remember correctly. You must changed cueing channel to headphones. Then just plug use your headphones without any adapter.

I had a big party at home and did this and it was awesome.