Video output to OBS

Could someone explain how to direct the video output to OBS? Another software offers this feature by choosing Syphon Client in OBS.

For the record, I’m a Windows user and NOT a mac user. That said, OBS can capture ANYTHING that’s visible or uses sound on the same system.

So if I’m running DJay Pro 5.x on Win11 AND OBS at the same time? You can simply:

  • Go to sources
  • Add a “Windows Capture” source
  • From the resulting pop up box, select the window thats playing DJay Pro 5 in the “Window” option
  • Un-select / Make sure the “Capture Cursor” is NOT checked unless you specifically want to show your mouse on the screen

I’d also recommend maximizing the video output on DJay Pro 5

Simple and to the point. Again, if you use a mac it should be roughly the same process.

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