Video view : Create beatmatched visualizer switch & Visual effects

Apart from the Strobe AV the other AV effects have very little use without a beatmatched FX intensity fader control.

1/ Please simply implement a beatmatched switch in visualizers and in visual FX (something like every x beats the visualizer and or visual FX randomly switches with a favorite list)

2/ Please create beatmatched intensity fader on each Visual effect slot > something like the intensity very from y1 to y2 back and forth every x beats with a selector to manage the dynamism

Along with a video only deck in Video mode, this will make it much more fun to play in the Video mode

Hi @DJ_lion,

Thanks for the in-depth suggestion! Having extra information like this helps moves the process along as we have a better understanding for how to implement a feature set like this.

I will pass this along to the dev team for further review. Have a nice day!