Video Visualizers changing/midimap

Did anyone managed to midimap visualizers rotation/changing?
I midimapped on my Beatpad 2 Rotary Control, but it had no effect on visualizers changing.


Are you talking about the channel level meters? These need to be natively supported in djay, as there isn’t a way for users to map this MIDI output.

No, i mean video visualizers/visualization. It is not well suited to change visualizations during a mix only on the video mode view.

Which command did you map, specifically?

Hi Dan,

I assigned my pad on the Beatpad 2 to the following midimap sequence:

Action>Deck1>Video>Previous Visualizer but no change happened. I also tried the Midi Out
Type>Control Change and Type > Note on/off, but none of the worked as they should.
Ant hint?

Hi Dan M,

Any news about this issue?


Sorry, this slipped through the net. Not sure what happened…

So you’re trying to map a command to switch through different visualisers? Are you using an endless encoder? What happens if you mapped a button?

What would be great is an option to shuffle visualizer.
Djay will not choose a different one when loading a new track.
it’ll just sit there with the same one…
This option is MIA

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Exactly. There are such midi commands “previous visualizer” and “next visualizer” to midimap. I tried both mapped on rotay encoder and also button, but none of them worked.
Am i missing something?
Also, a visualizer “shuffle” option everytime a new song is loaded would be a great and easy to implement addition!


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