View Total Playlist Time?

Is there a way to view the total playing time of a Djay Pro 2 playlist? I often need to get a certain amount of music together and want to know when I have enough music in my list.

When you highlight a few songs it gives you total amount of music time on the lower right corner of screen

Tommorow I will reply I have a gig I’m preparing for I will take pics

I don’t see it… could you elaborate a bit? That’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve selected several songs in my playlist, but there’s nothing in the lower right corner except the option to show/hide the library inspector sidebar.

Hey guys. You’re not the only ones that requested this. There’s an entry in the issue/feature tracker about it and it’s being looked at. I’ve also included a link to this thread to add weight to the request. :slight_smile:

I’m reviving this thread as it’s the only one I can find that’s similar to my question - I also don’t see a playlist total time using djaypro2 on Mac. Where do I find this?