viewing the 'Album' column as well as the 'artist' and 'song name' on idjpro for ipad


im using djay on numark idj pro. (amaizing software !!!)
the only problem i have as a reggae dancehll
dj, is when im browsing for songs with the idj pro its realy imprtant for me to have
a view the ‘Album’ column as well as the ‘artist’ and ‘song name’.
now its only showing ‘Artist’ & ‘Song’
i realy need help if posible to know if there is away to fix that

me toooo!!
it’s imposible to manage the microtracklist…

Hi Yaron,

There is currently no way to change the view. I’ll change this into a request (= idea).

Please rest assured that we are aware of this issue and that we didn’t forget you guys.

Please make an option to configure tracklist view on IDJPRO !!!
It is very difficult to choose songs when the tittle are cut !!!
Since this problem… some update… but nothing !!!
A lot of people talk about this BIG PROBLEM !!!

You’d like Djay & IdjPro being professionnal so …

I am going to insist until the problem is not solved !



Hey, what a gwaan Yaronk8 !
Big Up !
Completely agreed with you !!

I made a lot of sound system with my idjpro and promote this wicked unit !
But when you mix tune fi tune you need to choose tracks very quickly and it ́s not possible with this displaying problem :frowning:

I won’t give up !!! I’ve already told the problem to J.Maillet from Numark…
Hey Djay Team, wake up !!! You know Traktor, serato , mixvibes ???
All this app displayed completely tittles !!!

From France near Strasbourg city… and represent reggae music since 15 years !!!

And you, massiv’, from Tel-Aviv ???

World a reggae music on yah !!!

Hi Warren !
Nice to hear from you !!

Sorry for this commotion… but the community must react…

WE count on you…


Thank you! It will realy be cool.
Its an Awesome software, and we love dj’n with it.
Big up!

actually what we need is the same view of the Library as it is when its not conected to the idj pro device. Pls think about it, thats the only reason me and other friends who bought the ‘idj pro’ are not using djay yet. We are waiting for that update caz its impossible to work with the corent view.


Disappointing that due to a small application like this that we can’t work with the controller easy.
Nuff respect for de Support empress

The idjpro controller simply superb and easy to use , but in terms of software it is just unbearable , I’ll have to buy another controller for the reason that you can not work with algoriddim comfortably using the idjpro.
(It will be easier going back to cd’s at that point)
The Existing format is even amateurish .
I’m waiting for this updates for over a year and I’m tired of waiting for such a basic update, and every pro dj knows this is a very basic features we are asking for.
I’m starting to think this purchase was totally unnecessary and mistaken .
No one seems to refer in any way to criticism or our basic requests.

Bigup king bigfred!

My sound use the idjpro for an year now and its really nice and cool for a juggling set, but there are some basic things in the display options (lol that there is non) that mad we. It is realy nice controler and i think it can be one of the best out there, but come on you guys allmust every coment in here is about a display issues, and non of them sounds like an impossible missions for algoriddim or numark. Hope dem ago take things seriously and soon. I hate working with dem laptops and sh…t but i hate working like that aswell.
Where you from bigfred?

Seeen… Tel aviv and about 25 years in the business.
Check it out star

True true!

First of all I think the software is great but a couple of small little things would be when I’m trying to load songs on idjpro I can’t see the full name of the song as it is static. As I may have many remixes of the same song because of the view and the length of track name I can’t always tell which remix I want to load. So would be great if it would scroll the track name as you highlight it before loading. The only other thing is the volume/eq of the effects, the volume on effects is louder than the track which loses the seemlessness to it.

The DJ Player app from iMect works with the iDJ Pro, you can midi map it yourself, or, there is native iDJ Pro midi mapping coming in the next update (already submitted to Apple).

DJ Player has where you can see the full track, puts a marker next to songs played, and has 8 Cue, Loop slots. So right now at least that app is making the iDJ Pro viable while we wait for Djay to quit worrying about Audiobus Support and actually address these issues.

Same issue as Yaronk8, great software; but I need to see the riddim, song, and artist name