Vinyl Label Artwork not showing on djay 2.6 for iPhone with iOS 8

Hi, I have a problem with the lack of any artwork appearing on the vinyl label. I have the updated 2.6 version of djay 2 on an iphone 4s with ios 8.

Hi Mayur,

This is a known issue and our developers are already working on it.

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Album art not displaying consistantly after upgrading iPhone 5 to iOS 8.

I’m using v 2.6 of djay 2. After upgrading my iPhone 5 to iOS 8 the album art isn’t displaying on the turntables consistantly. Some tracks do and others don’t. All of the art is displayed correctly in the library but when I load a song many (although not all) now show a black record with the generic silver label.

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app . . . twice . . . but nothing changed.

Thanks guys, I’m glad to learn this and look forward to getting this resolved in a future update. I have been with you since the first version of djay and these are awesome apps!

Glad you are working on it. I thought maybe I was the only one experiencing this