Visualizer Selector Seems to Be Missing djay Pro AI v3.0.7 & other bugs

I can’t seem to find any way to select different video visualizers for a tracks in both decks when in the View > Video mode.

djay does load the same two visualizer videos by default when I add an audio track to deck 1 or 2. After that I can’t find a way to select different visuals (even though I CAN download different ones from the djay Pro AI > Loops & Sounds Library… menu item).

The djay Pro AI Manual refers to this Visualizer selector on Page 60 of the PDF. I don’t see it anywhere in djay interface though.


  • Dragging a video onto a deck either in LOAD VIDEO or LOAD VIDEO + AUDIO boxes always loads both video + audio regardless.

  • The video feedback windows on decks 1 and 2 have icons that can’t be used. There are + and - in the bottom right and an image icon with down arrow in upper left that can’t be clicked or interacted with in any way. If you hover they highlight, but when clicked the playback simply stops in that deck.

  • djay seems unhappy with running in the Video mode overall. After a few minutes of playing tracks the interface gets slower with longer spinning rainbow beach balls. I have to restart djay to fix every 10 minutes or so.

I’m running latest djay Pro AI v3.0.7 on 2017 MacBook Pro 13" Retina on latest Mac OS 11.2.2 with 16GB RAM.

Hi @CliffyPop,

Thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry for the recent issues with the loading of Videos. We are working on a fix which will be included in the next update.

Thanks for replying, @Lukas_E. I’m happy to help.