Visualizers on the new Djay for IOS and the new usb-c iPad pro

I am using the new subscribed djay for ios with a new ipad pro and the usb-c av adapter with usb-a connected on the beatpad 2, and hdmi out to TV.
Everything works fine and is really exciting to see synchronized visuals on the big screen!
There is only one major big problem: i can only see visualizations from the left deck; and worst, I can’t change the visualization pattern on that deck at all.
When i load a new song on the right deck, no visualization loads with it.
The only section where i can load and change visualization patterns is the looper section.
Important info: i cannot load visuals on the right deck without any peripherals connected either.
Please, help me!! I’ve spent a lot of money on this setup and it iso frustrating!
Why is that? Any configurations settings?
The software needs update?
Thank you very much for your concern!


Don’t worry tchesco it’s not just you, I posted a video with the issue and support have reached out to me and told me that they are aware and a fix update is in the works.…

No problem at all friend. Their marketing claims were more than just claims — those features worked perfectly. I was able to use Live Photo’s, videos and stock visualizers (including up to ten visualizers including Live Photos) and they worked perfectly.

Like I said I’ve gotten a reply from them stating that they are aware of the issue and an update will be released shortly.

No Problem at all!

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. It worked flawlessly in all versions except the last one 3.0.7

Track names do not show, however there are two options here, this first – although cumbersome – is to manually type in the artist and track name in the text option within the VIDEO display.

The second would be to turn on the Mirror App Screen option in settings while connected to an external display or while Screen Mirroring.

Hope this helps.

Problem fixed in the latest update.

From the drop down arrow you get visualizer, on its right you will see live photos, and that it. Hope that helps

That’s a great idea, I’ll pass that on to the team. Currently, visualizers are set per deck, so you have to manually change them via the popover.

For sure. We’ve just licensed lots of amazing new content from visual artists which will be added to the content pool in the coming updates.

Hi with usb c ipad connection sending video to hdmi
Adapter can audio be routed through the beatpad/Mixon4 outputs?

Hi Rakanlam, thank you for your concern!
It is really sad and curious. They marketed the “up to ten videos mixed at the same time” as a main feature for the subscribed pro version since the release, and in some reviews i watched on YouTube it works fine.
May the problem be related with the new iPad Pro?
Hope they fix it ASAP!

So you mean this problem was not present in the first released version, and then it came with an update? Really?
Do you know if it is possible to display track and artist name on the visualizer? This would certainly be a great addition.
Thanks for the replies!

Hi Rakanlam!
I received the same answer from support. They are fixing the problem with the right visualizer. Hope they release i new update soon.
I also made the suggestion to add an option to automatically display the track names info blended with the visualizers. I am sure listeners would love it, and it is also a nice way to pay some respect to music. I believe it would not be that hard to implement it.
My friend, do you know if it is technically possible to charge the new usb-c ipad with only a usb-b to usb-c cable connected between the controller and the ipad? Just as it worked with the old lightning cable connector?
That would be great if you don’t wanna use the usb-c av adapter and its usb-c input for charger connection. Less cables, less chargers on the outlet…and so on.
Thanks again!

Just downloaded the update! So cool!
My friend, do you know how to manage Live Photos on the visualizer?
Should i just add the images and them will show up at the Live Photo section?

Thank you for the detailed answer!
Do you know if there is a way to randomize the visual loops between one song and another? When i load another song in any deck it automatically loads another visual loop. That would be a great feature!

Yes, please! And maybe some new visualizers also

Yes! Actually it sends audio through both outputs with the adapter. Video and audio through hdmi and audio from the controller.

New visualizers were already implemented in the last update and they are very cool indeed; now we are waiting for random visualizers transition each time we load a new song.