Visuals in Djay Pro for Windows Not available! But why?

When gonna algoriddim release a version with visuals for pc? I missed that verry verry much.
I worked with Djay pro from the beginning. I’m not even a DJ but i use it for my BBQ Catering kicks with visuals on a big flat screen and next year on a very big beamer screen.
Awesome future on all the other devices. I love it. Working everyday with it. To be honest one of the best apps there is on my opinion.
For a half year now I have djay pro on my main pc at home for creating my sets, but has not the option visuals and i just work a lot with it. I was realy surprised
Offcourse it could be some reason why they didn’t implanted for windows that function, if so im verry curious about there’s decision.
Maybe they have already planned this future option in Djay pro 2 for Windows I don’t know, there for I don’t have the time to study this forum.
Thanks for any kind of info about this issue.