Vj totally unstable when connected via Apple AV Adaptor

Hi guys - I am a professional audio visual artist and video director of many years. I was excited to explore the potential of the VJ app - it is the perfect design for my work - but sadly am finding it unstable to the point of being useless. Bit of a bummer as I have prepped a large public show with it for tomorrow which I am gonna have to cancel :frowning:

I’d welcome any thoughts …
I have encoded clips of up to 2 mins in 1080p H264 for iPad from Premiere CC17. The app plays them pretty well within the iPad - bit glitchy on rapid triggers and crashes if mixing, triggering and adding FX at same time but overall it performs ok.
However the moment it is plugged into an Apple brand AV adaptor / HDMI to monitor it totally falls over. Freezing, crashing, not responding.
I have the app installed on 2 X iPad Air both with 20G free space running iOS 10.3.3 with Algoriddim VJ 1.4.5.
VJ is the only app installed on both iPad (they were bought for this presentation of your software !)
Tried direct HDMI links to 4 x different monitors.
Swapped out the HDMI leads many times.
Tried rotating 4 x brand new, genuine Apple AV adaptors.
Still the issues persist.

This is a real shame as I had hoped to use the app extensively in my work, lectures and workshops. If you guys can sort it out I’d def be an advocate but for now looks like its back to bespoke servers, software and control surfaces :frowning: