VJay and Apple tv

I want to buy Vjay for Ipad. If I connect Apple TV to stream to a TV can control the audio through the cable Griffin?

Hi Salvatore,

No, this is not possible. If you use AirPlay, the audio will also be streamed to your Apple TV. There is no way around this.

Yes, this should work.

thanks for the immediate answer! Instead connecting the iPad to a TV with the Apple Composite AV audio output, and iPad Griffin cable work?

I bought Vjay! simply outstanding! I’m waiting for the composite cable. I just hope it is implemented the Master Tempo

Hi Warren i just bought the vestax spin2 and i will connect this with my ipad 2
and apple tv to bring the pictures to a flatscreen.
Everything work fine but my problem is the if i choose on the ipad apple tv the sound following apple tv so it is inpossible to mix the sound over vestax spin2.

How can i remove the problem?
so i will use vestax with my ipad and the picture on an flatscreen!