Vjay and VGA out

I see that VGA output is not mentioned as being supported… Does VGA output work other than mirroring the iPad? If not then this would be most useful to me - in fact if VGA is not supported then it renders the App useless for my current needs. I have an HDMI to VGA converter box but it is far from a perfect solution…

Looks a great App though so I’m hoping VGA output joins the party!

That was an oversight in the description. The VGA adapter is also supported by vjay (just like the Digital AV Adapter for HDMI, and the Composite AV Cable).

See also:

Are you sure about this? I am not able to get “full screen” display when using the VGA output adapter for my iPad3. It just shows up as a tiny display on my big 40" LCD. The mirror option DOES show full screen but not the actual videos. Please help!