Vjay App Not Projecting Full Size

I use my iPad to project behind my crews dance performance. The built in Apple Movies app is unusable because it displays everything on the projector when switching between videos. So I need an app. After being thrilled with DJay i decided to purchase Vjay figuring it’d be my perfect fix!
So I try it out last night and there is a major issue. Instead of displaying the full screen like the iPad does with the Movies app it shrinks it to like a 4th of the size. My screen is 15feet by 8 feet. And it displays much, much smaller almost like 8x5 ft or so. (Happens on iPad and iPod 5th Gen m missing settings-wise? This is really a bummer and completely ruins the app. I built a 15 foot screen for a reason.
If there is no fix, does anyone have a suggestion on another app that works correctly and projects full size?
Thanks a lot guys!!

This is a known issue and our team is looking into it.

Are you using the apple hdmi adapter cable or the vga adapter cable? This has happened to me using the hdmi adapter more than with the vga adapter. I found out that when this “image” issue happens I simply unplug the adapter connected to the ipad while it is playing the video and replug it in and this solves the issue.

Do we have any timeline of when we can expect it to be fixed. I cannot express how important this is for us and our international performance.
Thank you

How will we know when this is fixed?

I had been using the HDMI Adapter from my iPod 5 Gen. I don’t know if i have the VGA…my projector is only HDMI.
I will try what you suggested and see if that works for me! Thanks mate. I hope it might fix it all.

Any update Warren from your team?

I too would like to know if this has been fixed. Video output using the lightning digital AV adapter to HDMI seems to still only output to 720 with a black border around the video, and will not go completely full screen,

Please tell me this has been fixed?
This was a problem for me since March 2015, it is now August 2016.