Vjay crashes when you record

Hi, i have this aplication big but i have a big problem, when i récord the sesión the program crashes and blocks the iPad, I have to force shutdown of iPad, the versión of program is the last 1.4.1, And la versión del the iPad air is the iOS 7.0.4, a greeting.


Sorry to hear that. Please provide more information regarding the problem:

  • Which iOS version is running on your iPad?
  • Which vjay version are you using?
  • How much free disk space is left on your iPad?
  • Does this happen every time you record a mix in vjay?
  • Are there any error messages when this happens?
  • What else are you doing besides recording?

Thanks Jorge, we’ll look into this.

Please kindly send your crash reports to support@algoriddim.com.

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iPad 4 turn off when recording vídeos in vjay.

Hi, is a Ipad air of 32 gb wifi with ios 7.0.4, the versión of Vjay is the 1.4.1, I have + 10 gb Free in the memory, The first time I made a recording of 5 minutes was fine, But after a recorded 4 or 5 clips and always has been locked Ipad and did not show any message, eating gelating image, then the whole system crashes, when I recorded i usually mix two songs and sync bpm and play with sound effects and image, a greeting.

i have same problem on ipad 4 retina display 64g have 30g left 7.0 version same as george describe